Waxing salon services & treatment advice

Please arrive clean and smelling good. If you’re having extreme waxing and anything inappropriate is said or done, you will be asked to pay and leave whether your treatment is finished or not. I only do waxing and extras are out of the question.

How long does the hair need to be?

The hair should be no shorter than a grain of rice. If you’re having extreme waxing, the longer the hair, the more painful it will be, so you can trim the hair before your appointment if you wish.

How long will the results last?

You should see minimal regrowth during the first 3 weeks with a noticeable increase after that. Regular waxing encourages slower, sparser regrowth.

How often should I be waxed?

Ideally every 4-6 weeks.

Waxing aftercare

After you’ve been waxed, avoid sun, deodorant, hot showers or baths, chlorinated pools, solariums, spas and saunas for 24 hours as these will irritate the skin. Lightly exfoliate 2 or 3 times a week, but don’t go mad as this may cause ingrown hairs. Keep your skin moisturised.

And finally

For those that embarrass easily – if you’re having extreme waxing you’ll have to get naked from the waist down. Don’t worry, I’ve seen it all before!