I recently had a call from a lady donning a rather impressive two week old black eye. She was going for dinner at the Chewton Glen that evening and was so embarrassed she didn’t want to go, hence the call to me. She wasn’t particularly hopeful that the bruise could be covered completely but anything was better than nothing.

People often think that darkness or pigmentation can just be covered by concealer and wonder why they can still see the imperfections. Concealer works generally on dark tired eyes but colour correction is needed to disguise pigmentation. Green corrects red, orange corrects blue and yellow corrects purple, so if you have purple shadows under your eyes use a yellow colour corrector before your foundation and concealer.

This lady was quite a challenge and I had to layer several colours to knock back the bruise (I used Inglot) and then Dermablend, as regular foundation didn’t have a full enough coverage on its own. She was over the moon with the results.

On a more serious note: this lady was on a night out in a pub with her husband and friend when a fight broke out between a group of men. When trying to make a swift exit she got in the way of a glass bottle in mid swing. If however you have suffered or are suffering with bruises caused by domestic violence, please do not disguise them to keep them secret. Please tell someone and seek help.