No matter what your natural skin tone is, we always feel better with a tan. With autumn and then the dreaded winter fast approaching, women all over are swapping their shorts and summer wear for cosy jumpers and slippers and have left their razors to rust until the legs come out again next year.
Here are two reasons why you should get a spray tan in winter:
Apparently dermatologists see more patients for acne and anti-ageing treatments between October and December than any other time of the year. During summer we take for granted the sun’s rays drying up spots so it’s easy to forget about exfoliating. By the end of the summer all those dead skin cells from your natural tan have clogged your pores and your skin starts to seriously complain. Spray tanning doesn’t age the skin or cause cancer, but can dry it a little, clearing up any breakouts. This isn’t actually a bad thing. As long as you drink plenty of water and moisturise daily, you will be able to tan year round and have beautiful clear skin too.
This is THE biggest reason why I have spray tans in winter. Seasonal changes can make you feel really low but when you look good you feel good, that’s a fact!
By having a year round healthy glow you’ll feel happier and your skin will be clearer. It’s a win win!