You don’t have to be particularly brave to have a Brazilian wax, as let’s face it, everyone does it now (well quite a few)! It’s not exactly fun but once finished, you’re hair and fuss free for weeks. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a long term waxer, knowing some tips on how to make your Brazilian wax appointment a bit more comfortable is always a bonus. Below are a few tips to help.

Avoid caffeine – stimulants in coffee can make your skin more sensitive so drink decaffeinated on your waxing day.

Exfoliate – using a body scrub a day or two before your wax ensures any dry and dead skin that can make it harder for the wax to shrink wrap the hairs is removed.

Numbing cream – I don’t personally think this is necessary but it’s an option for those that want to try it. It can be expensive. Using a numbing cream according to the manufacturers instructions can help dull the pain.

Don’t go when pre menstrual – your pain threshold is higher just before, during and after your period, so book your waxing appointment for a few days after your time of the month.

Take paracetamol – taking 2 paracetamol (and 2 ibuprofen too if you wish), one hour before your Brazilian waxing appointment can really make the whole experience a more comfortable one.

Have a warm bath – soak in a warm bath before your wax to open the pores.

Breathe and relax – make a conscious effort to breathe deeply and relax when the wax is being removed. Tensing up will make any pain worse.

Grow your hair to the correct length – if your hair is too short the wax won’t be able to shrink wrap the hair, and too long means it may need to be trimmed, it’s more painful if it’s too long too. Ideally your hair needs to be no shorter than a grain of rice.

Wear cotton underwear – wearing cotton underwear allows the area to breathe and not be irritated by man made fabrics.

Don’t shave – stop shaving at least three weeks prior to your wax as shaving can make the hair tougher.

Do not get waxed with sunburn – sunburn hurts enough on its own without hot wax being poured on and pulled off.